Sacred Heart Of Jesus And Immaculate Heart Of Mary

The Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary was established in St. Michael Catholic Church, Ketu on the 7th of March, 1985 by Rev. Fr. Patrick Moore (S.P.S) the then the priest in charge. He appointed Mr. Maurice Maria E.D. Nkwocha as the co-coordinator, Mr. Anthony Ogbekhiulu, Secretary, Mrs. Margaret Okereke as treasurer and Mr. Ferdinand Mary Akintola, the parish catechist to monitor the association in the Apostolic Church Grammar School Hall, Ketu.

Rev. Fr. Patrick Moore and the few members he appointed as the executives, worked hard to inaugurate the Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus And Mary in 1986, could not succeed because of the sickness of the Priest Rev. Fr. Patrick Moore which took him out of the country to Ireland. It was then the church moved out of the Apostolic Church Grammar School Hall, Ketu To the block industry at No. 1 Moses Adebisi Street, Oshogun Bus Stop, on the first of August, 1986. Then the members grew from twenty (20) to thirty (30), then the new Priest Rev. Fr. Sylvester E.U. Osigwe, came in from St. Augustine Catholic Church, Ikorodu and took charge in the Block Industry. He and the acting Executives made a request from the inauguration of the SMCC center to the ADC office in St. Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland. Since the order is from Rev.Fr. The request was granted without delay and the center was inaugurated on the 7th July, 1987.

Hence, the members made a request for the enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the house of the members, Rev. Fr. Sylvester E.U. Osigwe, studied the Sacred Heart Prayer Book and said no to the request, that the members should know and understand what they want to put in their homes. So, that delayed the enthronement till 27/28 May, 1991, before the enthronement was done in the nine (9) families home and were solemnly admitted on the 9th June, 1991 at St. Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland.

After this, the election of the first executives took place when Mr. Peter Issnah was elected as the president, Mr. Lawrence Elemi – Vice President, and Mr. Emmanuel Idimone as the secretary. The new executives worked hard to see that the association was established in the two out stations, Catholic Church of the Resurrection, Magodo Shangisha and the Good Shepherd Catholic Church Owode, Ajegunle Ikorodu Road who are now on their own. While ate St. Michael Catholic Church, the members continued to grow from strength to strength, spiritually and morally. Presently, the president is Edward Unutame, Secretary Evelyn Utomi.

Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary