Women of Divine Love

Women of Divine Love group is a support group of widows and abandoned women formed on the 11th November, 1996 by Mrs. May Ohaedoghasi at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Gowon Estate, Ipaja, Lagos State under the spiritual guide of Rev. Frs. Michael .O. Leary (SMA) and Andrew O. Sullivan (SMA).

It came to our parish in 2008 when all the widows in the Archdiocese had workshop / seminar here in our parish after which Mrs. Obiwulu was nominated to see that we meet.

In 2009, we nominated some of our members within ourselves to assist her. They are: Mrs. Stella Ugbeh as Assistant President and Treasurer, Mrs. Patience Odiakose as Financial Secretary, Mrs. Ngozi Arji as Secretary and Beatrice Umelo as Assistant Secretary. Later Mrs. Ngozi changed parish and Mrs. Beatrice Umelo succeeded her as a Secretary.

The Laity officially conducted election for us on the 13th July, 2014 and Mrs. Rebecca Obiwulu emerged as the president, Mrs. Evelyn Odior – Assistant President, Mrs. Beatrice Umelo – Secretary, Mrs. Loretta Udogwu – Financial Secretary, Mrs. Lynda Akaose – Treasurer, Mrs. Louisa Obidi – Welfare, Mrs. Christiana Akamadu – Welfare and later Mrs. Louisa Ohaekim was nominated by ourselves as the Assistant Secretary.

Feast Day: This always fall on the Feast of Presentation of the Lord in the temple which we celebrate on the Sunday that follows if the day falls on a weekday. That also is the day all qualified and prepared members are consecrated to a life of chastity.

Meeting Days: Every 2nd Sunday of the month after 6:30am Mass and last Saturday at the Grotto for cleaning after which we say prayers for the parish and ourselves.

Some of the objectives of the group are:

a. Provide a conducive forum for sharing of burdens and confidential matters in a spirit of trust and understanding.
b. To encourage a life of purity by organizing seminars/workshop and preparing members to consecrate themselves to a life of chastity.
c. Before one is consecrated, she should be determined and whole heartily married to Christ Jesus alone who is our divine husband.
d. To inculcate self-worth and confidence in women who are despondent and feel helpless (Ps. 91:14 - 16)