How Divine Mercy Started

In the year 1998, a group of people gathered in from of the Blessed Sacrament led by Sis. Calista Ench and bro. Romanus Obasi with the purpose of saying the Divine Mercy prayers at 3 O’clock. The sister continued o coordinate this exercise and she provided the first image of Divine Mercy which was placed before Blessed Sacrament. Parishioners joined in the prayers everyday by three O’clock. When she got married and relocated, prayers started dropping as nobody coordinated it. Then, in the year 2000, Rev. Fr. Michael Umoh encouraged the group by giving corrections where necessary while the following members mentioned below who have knowledge of Divine Mercy prayers started coordinating it again by encouraging parishioners to join in the 3 O’clock prayers with active participation of the parish at the Archdiocesan meetings and constant sensitization of parishioners. Through these efforts the prayers once again was received but getting members was difficult because of the time of prayer. It was difficult to have it registered in the parish since we were not up to 10 members then. It took the efforts of these people and Rev. Fr. Cletus Anyanwu to get the Devotion registered as a society in the parish in 2005.

Jesus …. I Trust in You!

The history will not be complete without commending the serious efforts of Sis. Okoroafor Juliet and Bro. Peter Mebei who by the Grace of God the membership of the Devotion has increased from ten to over fifty devotees and also three O’clock prayer is said everyday in the chapel. There is active participation of the parish at both the Deanery and Archdiocesan levels of the Devotion. This will be seen as the current Maryland Deanery leader emerged from the Parish. In February 28, 2012, the Devotion was also established in Catholic Church of Presentation, Agiliti our outstation through the efforts of the Parish Promoter, Bro. Peter Mebei and Sis. Eucharia Nwaosa, Sis. Blessing Zote and Chinwe Odelugo. Now three O’clock prayers go on everyday all to the Glory of God. In May 22, 2016, the Devotion was established in St. Maria Faustina Catholic Church, Owode Garden Estate through the efforts of Sis. Juliet Okoroador accompanied by Sis. Uche Lucy, Eva Emeh and Madam Rebecca Orji.