Church Committee And PPC

The establishment of the parish from St. Augustine, Ikorodu in 1993, ushered in the pioneer parish priest in the person of Rev. Fr. John Trout (SPS) and his Assistant Rev. Fr. O’Rouke (SPS), they both moved quickly into action to form an effective structure to run the affair of the parish. The structure was the Church Committee which is the highest decision body in the Church, with Mr. Aduloju as the maiden Vice Chairman, but not for long before the appointment of Late Egnr. Odunaiya (Rector designate of Lagos State Polytechnic) with Mr. TaiwoOyafemi as the Secretary. The memberships of the Church committee were mainly the presidents and secretaries of the following sub-committees: 1. Spiritual Life and Worship 2. Christian Formation 3. Parish Life 4. Social Ministry 5. Church Development Committee etc. The roles of all sub-committees are to manage, supervise and organize the groups and societies under them and report to the Church committee and vice versa. The memberships of the Church Committee were drawn from the elected leaders (i.e. coordinators, deputy coordinator and secretary) in the various sub-committees and the leadership of CC is by appointment from the parish priests and vice chairman. The above mentioned members run the affairs of the Church with the parish priest as Chairman. The CC continued in the development of the parish and in the outstations viz:

1. Catholic Church of resurrection, Shangisha/Magodo

2. Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Owode/Ajegunle

3. Church of Presentation,

In 1996, the parish now formed the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), which the membership become the Coordinators and Secretaries of all sub-committees in the various stations, their meetings are rotated from one Church station to the other, so as to keep council in the know of the needs of the stations. The following policies operate in the parish, for all elected officers in the Church. Only 2 terms are allowed for a term of 2 years each. All parishioners must belong to a Small Christian Community closest to them, for them to be considered as bonafide parishioners, to be entitled for parish benefits and sacraments in the parish. All meetings in the Church during week days end by 8:45pm and 6pm on Sundays. In 2004, The parish priest Rev. Fr. Cletus Anyanwu appointed Mr. Innocent Oshomagbe and Otunba Thomas Adesanya as St. Michael Catholic Church Vice Chairman and Deputy Vice Chairman respectively. At the expiration of their terms 2010, Fr. Anyanwu also appointed Sir Thomas Abolarin and Mr. Akor Calistus as PPC and CC Vice Chairman and Deputy Vice Chairman respecrively. When Rev. Fr. Sebastian Ngene resumed in the parish in 2011, he continued with them for a while until Mr. Abolarin left the parish and Mr. Akor completed in 2015 as Vice Chairman to the end of their term. Rev. Fr. Ngene then appointed Dr. Leo Aniakor as PPC and Church Committee Vice Chairman and Barrister Agbale Darlington as Secretary in accordance with the Archdiocesan new policy. They serve under the parish priest being the Chairman as the current executive of the PPC and Church Committee.