Onwards to God’s Kingdom, through justice and peace

JDPC is a social arm of the Catholic Church whose mission is to promote sustainable human development and also ensure that justice is done to all persons without fear or favour. Our core values include but not limited to:

Human right and Conflict resolutions
Education / Counseling,
Human and skill Development
Welfare among others.

Since inception, the parish JDPC has produced six coordinators:
Mr. Matthias Nbawuike 1999 – 2001
Mr. Chris Igbeneke 2002 – 2006
Sir. Inofomoh Donatus 2006 – 2009
Mr. Vincent Uwasomba 2009 – 2011
Comrade Azubuike Onyemenam 2011 – 2015
Barr. Julius Ugese 2015 till Date

The Parish JDPC has organized several key projects and Skill Training like:

1. Micro Finance in 2007-2008 soft loan for Parishioners

2. One month free intensive computer practical training in 2012

3. Major skill training in 2012 tagged “Be your own Boss” on Bead making, Wire works, Leader works, Events & Decoration, Make-up and make over etc. The training lasted for one month and over 80 parishioners benefitted. From our recent assessment, some have become trainers in the same field while others are still practicing.

4. Approval was given by the Parish Priest to speak to Parishioners on “TENANCY Related issues / Lagos State laws on tenancy” during Sunday Masses on the 7th December 2014. 5,000 copies of flyers was produced and distributed to parishioners.

5. Agric Business Forum – Poultry, Vegetable Cultivation and Food Processing & Packaging was also organized in March 2016.

6. We have also maintained Community monthly enlightenment on major issues

7. To always settle dispute between parishioners and non-parishioners e.g. Landlord and Tenant, Bail at Police Station etc.

8. Provision of Legal assistance to less privilege parishioners (Legal advice, Court matters etc.)

The parish has also produced a Deputy Deanery Coordinator in the person of Comrade Azubuike Onyemenam.